Forex trading is about buying one currency and selling another simultaneously. Currencies are traded in pairs such as Euro vs. USD. When one of these two currencies appreciates, it means that the value of the other currency decreases.

FOREX is the most liquid worldwide decentralized over-the-counter financial market for the trading of currencies. Traditionally the purpose of the foreign exchange market is to assist international trade (importers/exporters) and investment by allowing businesses to convert one currency to another.

Unlike other financial markets, investors may react in case of currency fluctuations caused by economic events, political and social, when they occur, without having to wait for open markets.

Trading on this market can be very profitable; however it also carries a high level of risk, and the possibility to incur large losses due to the leverage effect.

Money transfer through bank account 

BANK ACCOUNTS opened with Piraeus Bank - Aviatiei Branch:

(RON) RO53 PIRB 4212 7164 8800 7000 (for FOREX transactions)

(EUR) RO19 PIRB 4212 7164 8800 8000 (for FOREX transactions)

(USD) RO29 PIRB 4212 7164 8800 2000 (for FOREX transactions)