Do you want more information on stock market investments, trading account opening,  your relationship with a broker, your investment portfolio built and managing, our products and services rendered by Ieba Trust and all related expences?

You are welcomed to IEBA TRUST SSIF SA headquarter in Bucharest, 5-7 Dimitrie Pompei Blvd, 5th floor, part C, 2nd District, or you may contact one of our brokers:


George Nistor: NSC Decision no. 1803/23.12.2009 - PFR02ASIF/402285

tel: 021.313.04.60; fax: 021.313.15.95



Florin Popescu: NSC Decision no. 680/01.08.2012 - PFR02ASIF/402537

tel: 021.313.04.66; fax: 021.313.15.95



Tudor Mihai Cernica: FSA Authorization no. 48/05.04.2016  - PFR02ASIF/402820

tel: 021.313.04.96; fax: 021.313.15.95