Message from the Chairman

Dear partners and friends, Our firm belief in the future of the Romanian economy and the forthcoming development of its capital markets, led us to establish IEBA TRUST in 2003. SSIF IEBA TRUST S.A., was founded as the first company authorized by the National Securities Commission according to the European Union directives, with the aim to offer financial products and services with lasting value.

Prospects of returns in the long term attract investments by both local and foreign investors into Emerging Markets such as Romania. We believe that the development of the Romanian capital markets alongside full EU integration and the convergence of the economy, should inevitably lead to a significant expansion of the financial services sector in the medium to long term. Through the highest standards of professionalism we have established a solid brand name with the primary task to provide accurate and reliable information, and support our clients in taking financial and investment decisions. We act as strategic partners for our residents and non-residents, individuals and legal entities clients, opening new investment horizons for them, aiming at presenting to them both the opportunities as well the associated risks of the financial markets in which we operate.

We have undertaken a vast investment program in infrastructure, in order to successfully pursue large capital market projects. We also provide a full range of financial investment services on the strength of our research, advising capabilities, and expertise in the Romanian market. We specialize in tailoring clients’ portfolios according to their own investment profile and, at the same time, getting them accustomed to Romanian trading procedures and legislation. Our team of senior managers combines a longstanding experience of the Romanian and international financial and economic environment coupled with the expertise in local capital market practices, operations and opportunities.

Lastly, we at IEBA TRUST, consider our Human Capital as our most valuable asset, and their integrity and professionalism as our strongest virtue. We are ready to contribute to your investment success. Make your decision with us!

Panagiotis Diamantis 

Chairman of the Board