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Corporate Status

IEBA TRUST was formed in 2003 as a licenced brokerage company in the Bucharest Stock Exchange. IEBA TRUST provides brokerage and corporate services and ensures trustful communication, execution and consulting for its clients. Our aim is to continuously provide quality services of the highest level of efficiency and integrity. With our team of professionals, we rely on our values and strength of our trustful brand name. IEBA TRUST already enjoys an excellent track record of trading, financial investment, and advisory services, and corporate projects in the Balkan region focusing on equities, treasury products, derivatives, and M&As.

Our Strategy

IEBA TRUST‘s strategic objective is to expand its market presence as the increasing demand for our services creates an ideal marketplace for our company to capitalise on our brand name as an important  and trusted strategic partner in the region. Our belief in the development of the local capital markets is driven by the economic growth prospects of Romania. Emerging markets offer great opportunities in the financial services sector targeting local demand as well as foreign investments in the country. In order to successfully implement our strategy, we have undertaken a vast investment program in infrastructure. IEBA TRUST offers the most modern and advanced technical skills and range of services carried out by a coherent, skilful, and experienced team of professionals with a considerable background in the local and international capital markets.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is full customer satisfaction in addressing their most pressing and demanding needs. The roadmap of this mission is providing excellent products and services coupled with successful  execution of targeted solutions, whilst maintaining at all times the highest degree of integrity in our business conduct and compliance with the local as well as EU legal requirements.

Our Services

Our services are classified into two broad categories, namely, the trading of equities and other financial instruments (ie bonds and derivatives), and the advisory and consulting services in asset management,  corporate projects, and M&A projects. Whether we serve private, corporate, or institutional clients, IEBA TRUST sets its customers’ interests first and strives to work in partnership with them to fulfill their goals. After all, our goal is to become our Clients’ long term strategic partner.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is the most senior corporate body with ultimate responsibility for the strategy and management of the company. The BoD is responsible for compliance to our mission, the successful implementation of our business strategies, the alignment and coordination of each activity within our business model, the positioning of the Company in the prevailing market conditions, and, lastly, the safeguarding of our ‘best practice’ culture. In order to reach the best decision, the Board of Directors has delegated management committees led by experienced professionals in the field.



Prof. Dr. Diamantis Panagiotis


Papastamatis Stamatios

Vice President

Nistor George


Saraferas Apostolos



Name of the Company: IEBA TRUST S.S.I.F. SA

Headquarters: 5-7 Dimitrie Pompeiu Bvd. Part C, 6th Floor, District 2, Bucharest, 020335, Romania

Bucharest Trade Registry Number: J40/12014/2003
Sole Registration Code: 15715453
National Securities Commission (NSC) authorization: 3446/09.10.2003
Tel: (+4)021.313.01.02
Fax: (+4)021.313.15.95
Mail: office@iebatrust.ro

Share capital

SSIF IEBA TRUST’s share capital, according to the Financial Supervisory Authority Authorization No. 254/28.10.2014 is 7.012.175 RON, divided into 1.402.435 nominative and undivided shares, with a value  of RON 5 each.



Banking account opened with UniCredit Tiriac Bank - Titulescu Branch:

(RON): RO05BACX0000001144669000

(EUR): RO21BACX0000001144669003


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