november 26, 2015
October 2015 overdue payments related to RON denominated loans dropped 3.7% MoM whereas FCY loans overdue payments dropped 1.9% MoM. >>read more>>
november 25, 2015
Positive sentiment among Financial Supervisory Authority with respect to upcoming listings. >>read more>>
november 17, 2015
Hidroelectrica posted 10M’15 EBT at RON 1bn on 9x Y/Y higher trading revenues. >>read more>>



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IEBA TRUST was formed in 2003 as a licenced brokerage company in the Bucharest Stock Exchange. IEBA TRUST provides brokerage and corporate services and ensures trustful communication, execution and consulting for its clients. Our aim is to continuously provide quality services of the highest level of efficiency and integrity.

With our team of professionals, we rely on our values and strength of our trustful brand name. IEBA TRUST already enjoys an excellent track record of trading, financial investment, and advisory services, and corporate projects in the Balkan region focusing on equities, treasury products, derivatives, and M&As.

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